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How Hontoycare is different...

Jim Waugh started HonToyCare in 1999 after working for nine years as the assistant manager in a Honda dealership body shop. The news of his honest, customer service-oriented shop spread quickly among friends and family. HonToy grew quickly, and within a year Jim hired two people and moved out of their initial 1500 square foot shop to a larger space.


HonToy’s motto is “Keep ‘em running.” Jim and his team advise customers as to whether a car is worth pushing to 2- or 300,000 miles and will make that happen!

According to Jim, “What sets us apart is caring and follow through. We really care about our customers and their needs. And I was brought up to do what I say, and I have lived my entire life that way. I’ve been doing it here for 18 years, and it seems to be working.”


 >Air Conditioning

>Axles / CV joints

>Fluid Leaks


>Fuel Injection Systems

>Battery Service

>General Repairs

>Belts & Hoses

>Maintenance Service

>Brake Systems

>Mounts - Engine/Transmission

>Check Engine Light

>Oil Change & Lube

>Computer Diagnostics


>Oil Leaks

>Cooling Systems


>Drive Train Systems

>Rough Starting or Idling

>Electrical Systems


>Emissions Control Systems

>Suspension System

>Struts and shocks

>Engine Replacement

>Tire Balance, Repair & Rotation

>Exhaust Systems




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